NBC Sports Chicago Expands ‘Bulls BetCast’


The ManningCast returned Monday night after a few weeks off and they made sure to give viewers some extra incentive to watch. Former President Barack Obama joined Peyton and Eli at the start of the game between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. The 44th President is probably the most high-profile guest the Manning brothers have had on the show so far, but it’s where he was introduced to appear that stands out.

Earlier this spring, Peyton, Larry David and President Obama were part of a quartet at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. Obama joked that he was offered an appearance on the show by Peyton and Eli’s other brother, Cooper, and he couldn’t refuse.

“The main reason I am, though, I think is actually because of Cooper,” he said. “He called me, and after seeing him on those Caesars commercials, I thought, how could I turn him down?”

Axios reported that it was only last week that Obama’s appearance on the show was officially confirmed. Only a few people were aware of the president’s confirmation.

“We had a great game, and I won’t talk about anyone’s game, because I’m sure I hit him in the woods and trees a few times, and there’s not a lot of wood or trees in Riviera,” Obama said.

Next week’s Monday Night game will feature the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns, and the ManningCast will welcome morning host WFAN and former QB Boomer Esiason from the Bengals.

Boomer shared the news on Tuesday’s edition of Boomer & Gio.

“We’re trying to work out the schedules, and I think it should be okay, yeah,” he said.

Co-host Gregg Giannotti said it was great that Esiason appeared as often Boomer said he felt like the ManningCast wasn’t exactly his cup of tea.

“I’ll tell them to their face, but now that I’m in it, it’s definitely must-watch TV,” he said.

Gio noted that it should be a better experience for Boomer as a guest since Omaha Productions has settled gremlins with remote guests.

“They finally figured it out. Before it was this horrible Zoom, and the sound was off, you couldn’t hear anything, it was a delay,” he said. “So hopefully they will do a nice little setup for you wherever you are on Monday night.”


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