Neuhoff Sports Media Camp is once again part of the DACC College For Kids


Danville Area Community College is going full steam ahead with its College for Kids summer camps, and once again one of those camps, in its 26th year, is the Neuhoff Sports Media Camp. Mike Hulvey of Neuhoff Media, who created the camp with former DHS student and Neuhoff announcer Scott Eisenhauer two and a half decades ago, says this camp has produced true professionals.

AUDIO: We have people who work for CBS. We have people who work for the National Football League. We have people who work at the university levels of the first division in a certain level of the media. And even though these kids who were kids are not in the media business; they learn to speak in public, they learn confidence, they learn to write.

(Left) Mike Hulvey of Neuhoff Media speaks to campers. (Right) Campers hear via Zoom from former sports media camper Luke Steiner, who now works for Ohio University.

A veteran Neuhoff Sports Media camper is Murphy McCool, entering his senior year at Bismark-Henning-Rossville-Alvin High School.

AUDIO: I joined this in 6th grade not really knowing this was what I wanted to do. I first came here thinking I wanted to do like statistics. But I always knew that I wanted to be with the sports world. I just decided that media might be something I want to try. And I came here the first year and fell in love with it. I love doing play-by-play. It’s just a great feeling, so this camp is an amazing thing to have.

(Left) Sports media campers Holden Hightower, Ryker Dieu and Tameron Dowler. (Right) Campers Bodie Dahlenberg, Cooper McCarty, Dolton Hegg and Carter French.

Then you have young people like Carter French, who drove across the state from Geneseo to attend this year’s camp.

AUDIO: My father discovered this camp; and I came here to stay with my grandfather and do basketball camp at the same time.

Danville Dans game from Thursday evening (June 16) at 1490 WDAN ( and will include campers from Neuhoff Sports Media doing play-by-play.


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