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Who’s ready for spring and bigger races to kick things off? Here at TrainingPeaks HQ we have a legit winter with lots of snow and cold. It won’t be long before you get into the heat of spring and more fun on the course!

This month, we bring you physics-defying devices, identifying value for potential and existing customers and a case that go fast the long haul, go fast the short haul. Plus, an Olympic gold medalist (summer games in Rio, not the frozen games in Beijing) shares insight into how COVID-19 does more than just make you sick.

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How draft-legal races are great for making triathletes faster

The athlete formerly known as a seven-time Tour de France winner once joked that the legal triathlon was a “shampoo, blow-dry and run”. It’s certainly debatable, but some aspects of draft-allowed races can result in faster times in the longer runs without drafting. Take a moment to think about the tactics and skills needed for quick transitions and placement throughout a short run. Spoiler alert: don’t get left behind and miss the lead group. Writer Tom Epton argues that draft-allowed races are something coaches should consider to help produce fast swimmers, well-trained triathletes, and technically competent cyclists.

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How to Identify and Create Value as an Endurance Coach

It used to be that creating value was about getting more for less. Not anymore. Many sellers miss the opportunity to identify what has value or what their customers think is valuable. They just don’t show their customers – or potential customers – exactly what they can help solve. Understanding a customer’s journey, not you as a “salesperson”, is one of the most important steps to delivering value. But what is “value”? It’s about providing information (knowledge) to your audience to help them move forward in their journey. And each customer may have a different journey to consider. Read more about how to provide better value as a Coach to attract more and better clients. TrainingPeaks Account Growth Specialist Tim Robinson explains it all.

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Can anti-gravity running maintain an injured athlete’s training?

We can pretty much agree that running is the hardest on the triathlon trifecta body and causes the most injuries. So now you have an injured athlete, and they have a hot race. How can they maintain a certain level of training while still having a chance to perform? There are tools on the market that promise to maintain this delicate balance between healing time and rest while building strength and fitness. Learn more about how anti-gravity running machines can open the door to preserving some workouts, but also what the limits of mixing are from this article by Dr. Jeff Sankoff.

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Cited :I never lose. Either I win or I learn.
— Nelson Mandela – Former South African President

And finally, discover this episode of CoachCast where Dirk Friel chats with Olympic champion Gwen Jorgensen and elite running coach Bobby McGee. Jorgensen will be inducted into the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame in August! To listen (where to watch on YouTube) on how Jorgensen’s plans for the year have drastically changed after a COVID-19 infection and how they’re working to get her back in training. Additionally, McGee talks about running surfaces and the value of running form. It’s a big discussion.

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