North Cedar plans’ amazing ‘girls’ basketball season


CLARENCE – North Cedar opened the women’s basketball season with a target on the back.

The Knights fired six players from last year’s 9-14 season – seniors Darby Hawtrey, Lexus Crist, Leah Crock, Tessa Fields and Grace Proesch, and junior Nicole Sander. The other juniors are Kayla Sander and Katie Thompson, who took time off last year. In second year, Kayla Syring will complete the eight college players of the season.

The Knights have high goals for the 2017-18 basketball season.

Head coach Glen Hay and assistant Victor Curley are back for another season.

As Katherine Paterson once said, “A dream without a plan is only a wish.” Knights have a plan and don’t back down.

“We’re determined and focused because we’ve been playing together since grade five and we’re really clicking now,” said Proesch.

With the right mindset to accomplish anything in the game, Knights have the right goals and the right potential to go anywhere.

“With all the hard work we’ve done in the weight room, the strength and conditioning, and just playing basketball shows just how ready we are,” Hawtrey said.

North Cedar has spent the summer and fall determined to make this season much better than the last, and is about to find out where they stand. They all work very hard in practice, all are very coachable. It’s fun to see everyone improve so much.

They all have good attitudes too, but above all they work as a team.

“If we’re wearing purple, throw the ball at someone wearing purple,” Hay said.

The Knights continue to develop and find their true identity. They lost to Camanche, ranked seventh class 3A, 57-37. They fell to 2A, Cascade, ranked 11th, 47-33, Tuesday.

The Knights hope to use their maturity and experience to outdo the rest of their opponents. These girls love to play basketball and their dedication and support from the Knight Dungeon should make for an incredible season.

North Cedar’s Tessa Fields dribbles the ball around a junior Lexus Crist’s pick in a game last season. (Kayla Paup / North Cedar in second year)

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