Opening of a multimedia content studio in Windhoek


BESO Media Content Studio, a curated creative space, officially opened in Windhoek recently.

The studio is under the flag of the already established creative and marketing agency, Beso Media.

Creative Director Betty Sibeso says the studio welcomes all creatives to use the space for videography, photography, and anything related to digital marketing.

“The studio involves the concept of harnessing physical space as a setting in which creators and influencers can create, stage and film content for social media, blogs and websites.

“The studio is perfect for lifestyle content ranging from fashion, product photography, lookbooks, transportation, seated YouTube videos, and more. With both natural and added light sources, the content studio is the perfect space to bring your content ideas to life,” says Sibeso.

She says the studio caters to all levels of expertise in creative production.

“Since opening, Beso Media Content Studio has had various bookings as seen in short clips posted on its social media page. The Beso Media Content Studio is equipped with props, cameras, lighting and backdrops, all to meet the minimal aesthetic to give creators the creative freedom to create content in the studio.

“In addition to booking the space, the studio also offers production pricing – from assistance with your YouTube videos to shooting digital/lifestyle content or products and branding.”

Sibeso says the idea of ​​opening the studio was inspired by his passion for the industry. She says her dream has always been to create a space that she could use for herself and other creators could also use.

In Namibia, there hasn’t been much development in infrastructure for creators, and she felt the need to do something about it, she says.

“This space is the start of what we want to do for creative culture and economy. Everyone from photographers to videographers to digital creators are welcome to book and use the space,” says Sibeso.


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