Prime Minister’s ‘negative rhetoric’ left Australia ‘weak’ at G7 summit


Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Tony Burke said Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s “negative rhetoric” on global institutions to gain “a national political advantage” has left Australia in a weak position on the stage. international. Ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall, Morrison urged the World Trade Organization to implement dispute settlement systems to tackle China’s growing reliance on economic coercion. Mr Burke said the prime minister’s latest remarks were at odds with his criticism of “negative globalism” and called on the government to take a “calm and consistent approach” to foreign affairs. “We definitely need less politics and more strategy in the way we do our foreign affairs,” he told Sky News. “We think the Prime Minister really needs to stop focusing all on photo opportunities and try to gain national political advantage and have a calm and consistent approach. “One of the challenges he has at the G7 is that not so long ago, Mr. Morrison was talking about negative globalism, now he wants to come and talk about the need to strengthen our international institutions. “The real difference is that by offering a calm and cohesive approach, we wouldn’t have Australia then entering these conversations and discussions in such a weakened state that everyone around the table knows they don’t. not that long ago, Mr. exact opposed. “


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