PUSH Theater Continues 20th Anniversary Celebration


The PUSH Physical Theater continues its 20th anniversary celebration with “PUSH @ 20: A Community Conversation About ‘RACE’” at 7:00 pm on May 13th.

This interactive live-streamed event is free, with a suggested donation of $ 20 to the company’s campaign to raise $ 20,000. Visit pushtheatre.org/donate for tickets.

The event will begin with the replay of a clip from the company’s Virtual Fringe 2020 show, “PUSH Physical Theater’s Trunk Show”, titled “RACE or You’ve Seen Me Before”.

The 16-minute piece was created during the pandemic by Ashley Jones, guest artist Hassiem Muhammad and PUSH co-founder / director Darren Stevenson. After quarantining themselves individually for two weeks, the performers have come together to create a collaborative work that addresses racism.

“I can’t speak for all black people, but… chances are, I’m not the only black man who feels like I’m walking this world with a burden,” Muhammad says in his introduction to the screen to the room. “Chances are, I’m not the only black person who feels like I’m in a race I’ve never entered.”

Stevenson said, “’RACE’ is an extremely personal piece that emerged from a very specific period of isolation due to COVID, as well as the horrific events that inspired the Black Lives Matter movement.

The three artists / creators will interact with viewers via Zoom, responding to questions and comments.

“PUSH regularly asked for the audience’s input when creating a piece, which in itself is quite unusual,” Jones said. “Following this event and its feedback, we will actually be going back to the studio to continue developing ‘RACE’.”


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