Raising Horse Racing: Carr Shows How Technology Is Democratizing Innovation in TV Production


Nothing is impossible for those who have the will to innovate, even producing two large-scale events across the country at the same time. When he was tasked with producing the Olympic track and field events – one in Oregon and one in Iowa – Jim Carr was unsure of how he could split his team between the two events. He decided that LTN Global’s new multiplexing technology could allow him to try something new: a workflow with remote video streams from Iowa sent back to his production truck in Oregon, allowing his team to remotely produce the two events simultaneously.

With 30 years of experience producing sporting events and five Emmys under his belt, Carr knows how to solve production challenges – and he brings his passion for innovative production to racing. His team at Carr-Hughes Productions produces the Breeders ‘Cup Championship and Breeders’ Cup Challenge series for NBC, adding elements like virtual fan engagement to make the events even more compelling.

Audiovisual production in a changing market

Carr has been an advocate for remote production long before it became a trend. He has witnessed the reluctance of media organizations to try new production models and workflows until the COVID-19 pandemic forces their hand. Even the most hesitant media organizations have turned to new technologies and workflows to keep shows on air, with surprising success.

“When it comes to video production, I see myself as an incubator for innovation. I love trying new technologies and new workflows to see how they work in the real world, ”Carr said.

This mindset is invaluable to the horse racing industry, which struggles to produce broadcast-quality video content and achieve other production improvements. I got to know the Carr-Hughes team through our collaboration on special events like the Breeders Cup, the Pegasus World Cup and many pre-Kentucky Derby races. He worked closely with my team at LTN Global to achieve reliable and super-fast IP network connectivity on race tracks to produce races and events, enabling new ideas as elements of live fan engagement. . During the Breeders’ Cup, Carr used our IP network to broadcast live video feeds from a stable in the UK where people were watching the show. It added an immersive feel to the production, bringing it closer to fans regardless of their geography.

“It all comes down to having the right technology partner,” he said.

Jim Carr on site

Carr believes that IP network connectivity will revolutionize workflows, increasing efficiency and new possibilities. If producers can set up networks and have a VPN on the other end, they will be able to send camera signals to a studio or production truck over the network. It will change how production works.

Think big, act small

In the past, large distribution networks were the main drivers of the deployment of new technologies.

“The lower cost and higher volume of innovation has now democratized it,” Carr points out.

As a result, video production companies and horse racing production teams can deploy new technologies that deliver broadcast quality. For example, Carr-Hughes works with a Philadelphia-based graphics professional on an NDI network, which allows them to securely transfer video signals for graphics to the rest of the production team over the Internet.

“We are always looking for better and more efficient ways to produce events and broadcast them on networks,” he explains. “Now there are many cutting edge technologies that allow small businesses like ours to provide network quality to networks to make things happen for our customers. “

For the Breeders’ Cup TV production, this is where the magic happens

Pushing the limits of what is possible

Innovation requires experimentation which is often easier to achieve on a smaller scale because it is not always the next big breakthrough. It can be about making the right changes and having the right tools and technology partners to achieve great results in an efficient manner. It’s about pushing the boundaries and bringing new perspectives. With visionary producers like Jim and his team, horse racing may be ready for the exciting times to come.

Rich Rosa is vice president of business development for betting and simulcasting at LTN Global Communications. As LTN’s horse racing industry leader, Rich partners with racetracks across the country to help them create high quality productions and find new distribution outlets to raise their profile and, ultimately, their betting ability. LTN offers centralized production and IP transport services to help tracks produce and / or distribute high quality HD and 4K content.

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