Respect My Region Partners with 23 Cannabis Retailers and 30 Strategic Media Sites, PR Agencies and Influencers for the 2nd Annual North American Weed Tour


LOS ANGELES, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Respect my region (CMA)a SeattleAn award-winning media, music, cannabis and technology company is pleased to announce strategic partnerships with 23 cannabis retailers and 30 media sites, PR groups and influencers across North America.

“Each year we aim to work with strategic partners who are active in their local community,” said Mitch Pfeifer, Founder and CEO of Respect My Region. “This year, RMR has reached out to over 100 different entities and so far we have partnered with 53 different groups. They will all bring expert insight into the local market to our platform and provide real insight into what legal cannabis worldwide map.”

“We really try to go above and beyond the deliverables with our partners,” said Joey Brabo, COO and co-owner of Respect My Region. “They all receive a podcast episode, featured article, inclusion of marketing assets, as well as social media promotions about their brand, cannabis culture and products from their region.”

Retail partnerships for the 2022 North American Weed Tour:

420 Kingdom Delivery (Bakersfield, California)

Berkshire Roots (Boston, MA)

Cape Cod Cannabis (Cape Cod, MA)

Canopy Club (Santa Barbara, California)

green diamond (Tacoma, WA)

Cannabis at dock (Seattle, WA)

green rino (Denver, CO)

High West Cannabis (Denver, CO)

High season (Adelanto, California)

Illa Canna (West Los Angeles, California)

Jungle Boyz (DTLA, Orange County, San Diego, California)

Kansas City Cannabis Co. (Kansas City, Missouri)

LB Collective (Long Beach, California)

Litco (Downtown Los Angeles, California)

Puff N Chill (Lynnwood, WA)

Delivery to market (Santa Ana, California)

Megan’s Organic Market (San Luis Obispo, California)

Mother Nature’s remedy (Woodland Hills, California)

Originals (South Downtown Los Angeles, California)

The reef (Seattle, WA)

tree plant (Port Hueneme, California)

Trippy Hippie (Bellingham, WA)

West Coast Cannabis Club (Palm Desert, California)

The North American Weed Tour began July 10 and ends on December 15, 2022.

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Media, PR and Strategic Partners for the 2022 North American Weed Tour:

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About Respect My Region: Since 2011, Respect My Region has provided a community-centric platform that connects real people to local culture. RMR currently serves the music and cannabis markets by United States and Canada. The brand offers personalized content creation, marketing and management, targeted advertising, influencer campaigns, event promotion, content distribution and public relations services.

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