SB Nation closes several fan sites


A handful of SB Nation fan sites have announced their closure on September 30, marking the end of the third fiscal quarter of 2022. Part of Vox Media, SB Nation bills itself as “the largest independent sports media brand” , with “more than 300 fan-centric team communities.”

The decision concerns Cowboys Ride For Free, which covers Oklahoma State, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, focused on Mississippi State, Big East Coast Bias and Team Speed ​​Kills, an SEC-focused site. Against All Enemies, covering the service academies, also said it was in bed.

Other sites have announced that they will continue.

While the model of hiring thousands of hungry young writers to produce content has generated less than ideal conditions over the years, it has also provided many opportunities that they otherwise might not have tapped into. SB Nation fan sites are full of success stories, with some expressing frustration at the ruling that will prevent the authors of these sites from following a similar path.


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