Showtime Green-Lights TV pilot ‘The Wood’ –


The 1999 coming-of-age comedy starring Omar Epps as Mike, Taye Diggs as Roland, and Richard T. Jones as Slim — three teenage boys and best friends who grew up in Inglewood, California or “The Wood” as the trio affectionately called their hood, will soon be arriving on the small screen. According to Deadline, Showtime has given the green light to a comedy pilot commission for a television series based on the feature film.

Rick famuyiwa (Drug), who grew up in Inglewood and co-wrote and directed the original film, will also direct the pilot and executive producer along with others Chi alum Justin Hillian, who will serve as screenwriter. Famuyiwa and Hillian will also work with David Gale and Van Toffler as executive producers. The studio is Paramount Television Studios.

According to the news site, “Wood is an honest look at friendship and dating from the perspective of three young black men born and raised in the middle-class suburb of Inglewood in Los Angeles, affectionately known by locals as the City of Champions. The trio’s struggles to balance fatherhood, ambition and loyalty make them wonder if they are going their separate ways … or getting closer. With a heard nod to the characters in the 1999 film it’s based on, this romantic comedy showcases the humor and hearts of young black men and women trying to navigate life, love, and tastes. on the “Gram”.

It looks like the series will deviate from the film in a few notable ways, but changes are often needed and to be expected with any adaptation.

In the meantime, go back in time and watch the trailer for the 1999 film, Wood. We bet you $ 1 you can’t not laughing at the dance steps of young Mike (Sean Nelson).


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