Social Media Shames ‘Disney Adults’ Again For Splash Mountain Debate


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Last week at the ESSENCE of Culture festival in New Orleans, Disney announced that Splash Mountain will officially reopen as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort in 2024.

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The news came after Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Princess Tiani, leaked that the newly redesigned Splash Mountain would open in 2024, which Disney declined to confirm at the time. The Walt Disney Company first announced that the new Splash Mountain theme will be coming to Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom in 2020.

Reactions from Disney Parks fans to the change have been mixed. Some supportive fans have called for more classic Disney park rides reimagined, while others have signed a petition for Disney to leave the southern song (1946) inspired the ride alone.

brer bear brer rabbit splash mountain
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Social media allows fans to congregate and discuss Splash Mountain, but unfortunately it makes those conversations accessible to people outside of the Disney Parks community. This led to the so-called “Disney Adults” becoming the laughing stock of the internet once again.

@trever_stone on Twitter wrote:

Disney adults. Crazier than anything in this world. Full conversations about how Splash Mountain’s change is something they’ve looked forward to all their lives. What the hell haha.

A more viral Tweet from @ericinsarasota suggested going to the comment sections of articles on Splash Mountain for a laugh:

If you are ever bored and looking for a laugh, just check the comments under any disney account messages regarding the name/brand change of Splash Mountain. disney adults are unbalanced.

Another Twitter user, @ghostofarbys, shared the story of a former roommate:

I just remembered my old adult Disney roommate flew to Florida to go to Disney World and ride Splash Mountain one last time before they made it more racist

Earlier this year, social media turned on Disney Adults for “cringe” content. In a viral TikTok, a Disney guest broke down in tears as she hugged Pluto to remember her late grandfather, who loved Disney’s famous canine. Unfortunately, her emotions have made her a target of cruel bullying on the internet. She later spoke out, calling the comments she received “vile”.

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A proposal at Disneyland Paris also sparked debate when a cast member snatched a ring from the hands of a male guest to drag them out of a stage in front of the Disney park castle. The couple claimed they had permission to use the scene and The Walt Disney Company apologized.

The incident sparked a fierce online debate over theme park proposals, particularly at Disney parks, and reignited the conversation about “Disney adults”.

waitress tiana in the princess and the frog
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What do you think of the princess and the frog (2009) Retheme Splash Mountain? Let us know in the comments.


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