Stop spreading fake news about teachers


Regional news for Sunday, June 5, 2022

Source: Adam Abdul-Fatawu Wunizoya

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Former National Coordinator of Trainee Teachers Association of Ghana (TTAG), Mr. Joshua Owusu Yeboah has questioned the authenticity of an article published by Volta Webpage (blogger) about an alleged trainee who impregnated 24 daughters, including his manager and 3 other women. teachers during his period of teaching practice.

According to him, the story is not only misleading but also an attempt to tarnish the image of teachers in the country. He again expressed his dissatisfaction with the way some media houses and social media influencers publish articles about teachers without checking the facts.

“This spurious story has been trending since yesterday, and it saddens me that even if there was no fact-checking, a simple analysis of the story would help you know the malicious intent of the publisher “, did he declare.

In the early hours of Friday, June 3, 2022, an article published by a Sir Obed Five of stated that a trainee teacher on teaching practice had impregnated 24 girls, a headmistress and four female teachers.

But Mr Joshua, who is unhappy with the attempt by some bloggers to tarnish the image of teachers in Ghana, said that due to supervision, proximity to colleges is taken into consideration before trainees go on. were allowed to go into teaching practice at any basic school, and there was no way a western region college would allow its students to do their internship. education in the Ashanti region.

“It should also be noted that the only college in the Western Region is Holy Child College of Education, which is also a single-sex (women’s) college. Is the editor trying to insinuate that a trainee teacher impregnated 24 of her colleague?” he asked

He again said that trainees from now on don’t do their teaching practice, so it’s hard to believe the story.

“The trainees only started one teaching practice after the introduction of the BED program excluding their weekly STS, and it lasted only four months in 2021. Thus, no trainees are currently doing their teaching practice. education,” he added.

He eventually expressed his displeasure at how the story would tarnish the image of teachers and called on teachers’ unions to arrest the publisher if found guilty.


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