Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Recap – Articles August 22-28, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

NSW Police say they ignore the law as they continue to unlawfully search children

Officers who illegally strip searched children said they were unaware of the laws relating to this humiliating and harmful practice.

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NSW Supreme Court explains local court’s 5-year limit on consecutive prison sentences

The Supreme Court made important findings on the local court’s limitation on the imposition of consecutive prison sentences.

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Morrison’s secret concentration of power highlights a flaw in our democracy

Calls are being made for procedures to be implemented to bar PMs from being appointed to multiple ministries without prior disclosure.

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Wikipedia influences court decisions, study finds

Cases summarized on the untrusted platform are cited 25% more often, raising concerns about the potential impact on court decisions.

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Court orders Sydney casino to pay disabled man’s jackpot

The Star refused to pay out a disabled man’s $285,000 jackpot on the grounds that an excluded person had helped him press the buttons.

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Australia has a bad habit of jailing kids it doesn’t want to hit

Despite campaigns to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14, nearly all states and territories continue to detain children as young as 10.

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‘A crime against humanity’: Independent MP Andrew Wilkie on ending mandatory detention

Mr. Wilkie introduced a bill that, if passed, would dismantle our inhuman mandatory detention regime that locks asylum seekers up for years.

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Father of alleged victim who died of child molestation cleared to sue Catholic church

The court has allowed the father of a deceased former altar boy who said he was sexually assaulted by George Pell to sue for damages.

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“A legal quagmire”: Georgatos on the incarceration of young people in Casuarina adult prison

Having children in adult prisons is not only harmful and dangerous, but also legally questionable.

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Barilaro accused of altercation with a cameraman

The former deputy prime minister is charged with common assault and willful or reckless damage during a nighttime brawl.

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Masig’s Torres Strait Declaration calls for regional autonomy by 2037

Torres Strait residents released a statement calling for legal secession from Australia.

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Morrison’s multi-department plan was hatched early on, Solicitor General suggests

Our former Prime Minister carefully planned his covert consolidation of power which violated our “constitutional system of representative and responsible government”.

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Inside Bangkok’s Legal Cannabis Café

Thailand’s drastic shift towards cannabis legalization has seen the start of a whole new industry.

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