Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Recap – Articles July 11-17, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

Government scraps paid pandemic leave

Despite the spike in Covid cases across the country, the federal government has cut paid leave for those self-isolating.

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Bail granted under tough new law when ‘special circumstances’ are discovered

The Supreme Court granted bail despite tough new laws against bail, after finding the petitioner demonstrated special circumstances.

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If Assange is sent to the US he will die, says Pilger, as Australia continues to get along

“[I]f Julian is going to the United States… it will be his end… Literally, he will die.

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Man acquitted of police killings after 22 years behind bars

A Victorian man convicted on doctored police statements of killing two officers has been acquitted after spending decades in jail.

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Government disaster payments branded an ‘insult’

The federal government’s $1,000 relief payments to flood victims have been called an “insult”, with calls for our leaders to take real action to protect vulnerable areas.

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Family calls for inquiry after hospital sends Kamilaroi Dunghutti’s man home to die

The family of a man who was sent home and died after presenting to Dubbo hospital with a treatable condition is demanding answers.

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Good luck if the government thinks it’s stopping climate action, says imprisoned activist’s father

An activist’s father has arrived in Sydney to protest his son’s draconian imprisonment.

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The opposition to Santos Gas in the Pilliga is the largest ever, say the women of Gomeroi

The opposition to a multinational destroying the Pilliga is the strongest it has ever been.

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Crackdown on climate advocates will lead to escalation of tactics

Activists have vowed not to let the Perrottet government’s draconian new anti-protest laws silence them, despite the consequences.

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Albanians goad Greens on climate, but party offers people’s goals

The new Prime Minister has made the astonishing claim that the Greens are responsible for a decade of climate inaction.

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The historic offense of carnal relations in New South Wales

Chris Dawson has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his ex-wife as well as the misdemeanor “carnal relationship” of his student.

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Trans-Tasman PM meeting resulted in reform of No 501 deportation scheme

Albanese has made it clear that it will continue to deport New Zealanders regardless of how long they stay in Australia.

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