Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Recap – Articles September 12-18, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

High Court rules indefinite detention of high-risk offenders constitutional

The highest court in the land has ruled that our constitution allows for the continued detention of inmates long after they have served their sentence.

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King Charles III: Why is this man the Australian head of state?

The death of Queen Elizabeth and the accession of Charles renewed calls for a move towards a republic and the appointment of an Australian as head of state.

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Road safety body proposes driving ban for men under 21

A recent accident led the Australasian College of Road Safety to propose banning men from getting a driving license before they turn 21.

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Police threaten to taser father at home for alleged driving offense

The allegation of driving without a license was dismissed by the court and the police were ordered to pay court costs after threatening and arresting the man, but did not produce evidence.

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Professor launches legal action against Queensland Police

Renowned author, academic and activist Professor Chelsea Watego has taken legal action against Queensland Police over her “unnecessary and unlawful” arrest.

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Free Ned Kelly: An interview with the Iranian asylum seeker held indefinitely

The High Court of Australia ordered his release last year, but Ned Kelly Emeralds continues to languish in custody for his ninth year.

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The number of displaced people is increasing globally: interview with IMA Professor Bruno Di Biase

Multiple crises have contributed to the number of displaced people worldwide exceeding 100 million.

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When can the government order an additional public holiday?

The day of mourning was generally well received, but court attendees and administrators, as well as many business owners, may think otherwise.

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New South Wales coroner to investigate case of First Nations man sent home from hospital to die

The family of a man discharged from hospital to die have welcomed the decision to hold a coroner’s inquest.

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“A legacy of deprivation”: the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The outpouring of grief overshadowed the atrocities of his empire.

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Offenses of administering, encouraging or assisting to avoid detection of the use of a digital platform for child pornography in New South Wales

R&BR singer Kelly has been convicted of felony charges in our state.

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Although legal Thai cannabis is limited to medical use, this is a broad definition

Thailand’s removal of cannabis from its list of illegal narcotics has led to a sprawling new industry.

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What are the rules for statutory declarations in New South Wales?

This article explains what a statutory declaration is, when it can be used, who can witness it, how it differs from an affidavit, and the consequences of lying.

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