Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from August 29 to September 4, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

The Law, Defenses and Penalties for the Proceeds of Crime Trade

AFP has seized $5 million worth of classic cars, gold bars and cash which they say are the proceeds of the cocaine supply.

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Google not liable for linking to defamatory article, High Court says

The nation’s highest court ruled that the tech giant was not legally liable for defamatory content linked to its search engine.

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Fighting near a nuclear power plant threatens the world

The bombardment around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is feared to lead to a disaster eclipsing Chernobyl.

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The office of governor general is no longer tenable

The recent multi-departmental scandal is further proof that the Queen’s representative only serves those at the top.

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Protest against the Peak Far-Right Gathering in Australia: Owen Marsden-Readford of CARR on CPAC

Protesters believe hate groups have no place in Australia, while groups argue protests are undoing workplace culture.

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Empowering Indigenous Refugee Women from Myanmar: Interview with Mitos Urgel of the WEAVE Foundation

SCL spoke with WEAVE in Chiang Mai to discuss the plight of indigenous refugees and gain insight into the organization’s business skills and fair trade programs.

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Domestic violence groups call for greater community consultation for coercive control laws

“We must take the time to criminalize coercive control to keep women and children safe in New South Wales.”

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Pupils at Elite Sydney School could face criminal charges over offensive group chat

The students allegedly shared videos depicting child abuse, rape and molestation, and bragged about pedophilia and “rape parties”.

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Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar continues in international court

Myanmar has engaged in “demining operations” of its Rohingya population involving acts of genocide such as mass murder, rape and burning villages.

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The Morrison scandal highlights the folly of First Nations voices that rely on good faith

Morrison’s multi-departmental scandal highlights the fact that politicians cannot be counted on to act in good faith, let alone bring about real change.

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