Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles from June 27 to July 3, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

What is a Community Correction Order in New South Wales?

An Australian bikini model has received a community correction order after being convicted of credit card fraud.

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Lawyers slam further tightening of NSW bail laws

The changes will reduce the chances that defendants will plead guilty and seek rehabilitation, and put additional pressure on courts and prisons.

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When will the prosecution pursue a new trial in NSW?

The DPP guidelines list what the prosecution should consider when deciding whether to pursue a new trial following a hung jury.

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Changes to the New Bail Law: Against the Interests of Justice and the Community

The amendments were rushed through parliament in just two days and are likely to hamper guilty pleas and treatment, and put further pressure on courts and prisons.

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Drug Prohibition’s Slow Demise Gains Momentum

The tendency to treat drug addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal law issue is accelerating.

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Channel 10 hires top libel lawyer and warns against public criticism of its presenter

In what can be seen as mainstream media hypocrisy, the broadcaster who pushed for greater press freedom is now warning against public criticism of its presenter.

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The court will not charge the presenters with contempt, but rather ask them for undertakings

The ACT Supreme Court will not hold Wilkinson, Jones or Keller in contempt, but will ask them to promise not to do it again.

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Whistleblower David McBride remains sole defendant years after Brereton report

The former ADF lawyer is being prosecuted for exposing Australia’s war crimes in Afghanistan, while authorities turn a blind eye to those accused of carrying out the crimes.

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NSW police emboldened by anti-protest regime as Blockade Australia takes to the streets

Police aggressively arrest activists before and after planned protests.

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The Law, Defenses and Penalties for the Offense of Common Assault

A teacher has pleaded guilty to common assault after kicking a student in the back with his foot.

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The offenses of human trafficking and recruitment of a child for sexual purposes in Australia

Former socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse girls.

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‘This litany of horrors degrades our entire nation’: PJLU’s Fabia Claridge on refugee policy

“We need to look at the huge benefit in terms of skills, social opportunities and food that refugees bring with them to better our country.”

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The New South Wales government is blocking inevitable drug reforms: an interview with NUAA’s Dr Mary Ellen Harrod

Calls are being made for the Perrottet government to finally adopt the recommendations of its own inquiry into drug law reform.

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R Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking

“These crimes were calculated and carefully planned… You taught them that love is slavery and violence.”

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Albanese retains Dutton’s right-hand man, Mike Pezzullo, as Home Affairs boss

There are indications that the Albanian government intends to maintain the coalition’s firm stance on internal affairs.

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Robodebt 2.0: Work moves to hit the unemployed for debts caused by mismanagement

The Albanian government has decided to launch a new social security debt collection program, despite the devastating and tragic impact of the illegal Robodebt program.

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