Sydney Criminal Lawyers® Weekly Rundown – Articles October 24-30, 2022


In case you missed any of them, here’s a look at last week’s articles:

Land of the gods: Nepalese Hindu deities in pictures

As Western nations are moving away from religious beliefs, religion and spirituality are alive and well in South Asian countries like Nepal.

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‘Wingless birds’: Undocumented Tibetan refugees in Nepal wait to return home

Tibetan refugees living in Nepal want one thing above all else: to return home safely.

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Alongside Thorpe: An Uncompromising First Nations Voice in Parliament

The mainstream media was looking for any excuse to attack the Indigenous senator who bravely defended the civil, political and cultural rights of her people.

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The new offense of threatening a criminal defense lawyer in NSW

Protections that currently apply to prosecutors, judges, jurors and witnesses should extend to criminal defense attorneys.

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Visiting UN inspectors cut short visit, as rights abuses continue under Albanese

Australia’s ‘already embarrassing human rights reputation’ will suffer further, after our politicians reneged on their promise to allow prisons to be inspected for possible rights abuses.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers for Better Protections Against Harassment, Intimidation and Retaliation

The laws were introduced after police “harassed and intimidated [a lawyer] so much so that he could not represent [his client] to the best of his abilities”.

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Catfisher’s home-and-away sentence increased on appeal

The appeals court has extended the prison sentence imposed on a woman who posed as celebrities to obtain intimate images which she then used to blackmail, harass and intimidate victims.

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The offense of juror misconduct in New South Wales: Section 68C Jury Act 1977

The so-called ‘Brittany Higgins sexual assault trial’ has been halted after a juror was found to have brought outside material into the jury room.

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The coalition has made access to electronic devices much easier for NSW Police

Digital Evidence Access Orders allow police to require a password when executing a warrant.

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ACT decriminalizes drug possession: Labor MP Michael Pettersson talks forging reform

The new law means those caught with small amounts of illegal drugs will receive either a fine or treatment, but not a criminal conviction.

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Nationwide vigils after white man bludgeoned First Nations youth to death

In an act reminiscent of the KKK, a group of white men allegedly hurled racial slurs at the teenager on the side of a Perth road, before one of them jumped up and punched him to death.

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The Unholy Alliance Between the Perrottet Government and 2GB Shock Jocks

“We need to listen to the experts, not the scoundrels, and…rethink our approach to law and order.”

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“A Case of Cultural Genocide”: Karma Gyaltsen of the Tibetan Refugee Welfare Office in Kathmandu

“The Chinese have a very repressive policy in Tibet…we don’t have the freedom to celebrate or practice our own religious activities. They are trying to destroy our Tibetan culture and religion.

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The offense of sexual intercourse without consent in New South Wales

A Sydney pharmacist has been struck off after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenager who was looking for the morning after pill.

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