The 9 Best Sites to Find Audio Loops, Samples, and Presets


Music production is an incredibly rewarding hobby or profession, but it is also overwhelming. There are nearly endless sounds you can use, all of which can be manipulated with thousands of effects, paid or free.

Using loops, samples, and presets in your music production can be a great way to achieve high-quality sounds for your next audio project. If you’re wondering where to find loops, samples, and presets, you’ll want to head to the best websites that offer them.

Freesound might not have the prettiest user interface, but it does the job it was designed for. On Freesound you can find tens of thousands of free loops and samples that you can download and add to your DAW to work with.

You can use the search bar and then advanced filters such as the length of the sound, tags and the type of license it has. Freesound also has a Forum section that you can use to talk to the music production community. By creating an account, you can follow specific creators if you like a track they’ve uploaded in the past.

SOUNDS offers tens of thousands of high-quality, royalty-free sounds that you can use in your music production, divided into native instruments or professional musician collections.

The user interface is sleek, responsive, and friendly, making it super easy to find the sounds you want without having to struggle with a poorly designed website. There are many filters that make it very easy to sift through and find the specific kind of sounds you want.

The quality of the sounds you will find on this site is excellent but, unfortunately, the pricing model can be off-putting. SOUNDS works on different monthly plans which give you a certain number of credits to use each month. You spend credits by claiming sounds. The two-week free trial is worth trying to see if you want to subscribe.

WAVS has a large collection of samples, loops and packs on the site with a responsive user interface that makes searching for different sounds bearable. Unfortunately, WAVS bands ring under their own sections like Trending and Most Popular, rather than giving you the option to use advanced search filters.

Nevertheless, there is a fair amount of information given for each sound like BPM and often key, which means that when you find a sound you will have an idea of ​​what it will work well with.

Using some of the best free music production software for beginners and signing up to a platform like WAVS can be a great way to get your music production efforts off to a good start.

WAVS also lets you upload your own sounds for passive income, with a free license and no download fees. WAVS offers monthly and yearly plans, but you need to use the free trial first before spending anything.

LANDR is a powerful platform that anyone interested in music production should check out. You can use it to find samples, loops, and even plugins for your DAW to give you a hand with your music and ensure you’re working with the best sounds from the start.

LANDR has a built-in beat-making tool that doesn’t quite compare it to an actual DAW, but is good enough to play around with the samples you find on the platform and get a feel for how you could use it.

As with many loop, sample, and preset sites, there are several pricing options available. LANDR seems fairly reasonably priced and gives you a free trial before you have to pay anything.

Looperman is extremely popular due to its ease of use and the fact that all of the loops, samples, and acapellas you find on the website are completely royalty-free and often of high quality. You can find some brilliant sounds to put into your DAW at no cost, which makes it very friendly for beginner music producers working on a budget.

Filters make it easy to narrow down your search, which is useful considering the large number of sounds uploaded to the website. You can also upload your own sounds to Looperman for other producers to use. Looperman is a great place to find better sounds and even network with other music producers and creators.

Loopcloud mainly focuses on samples and plugins, but there are plenty of loops and packs you can find on the site to bring to your DAW and start working with. There are simple search filters allowing you to break down different sounds in terms of instruments, genres, key and BPM, and more.

Loopcloud operates on a monthly pricing model which is very similar to other sound sites such as SOUNDS and LANDR. As always, try the free trial before signing up to see if this is the right site for you.

Besides using sites with samples, loops, and presets, you should also check out some of the best websites to download free VSTs and instruments to really improve the quality of the sounds you’re working with.

Loops4Producers has everything a music producer could want when researching sounds. It contains loops, samples, packs, vinyl loops, and unique native instrument sounds that are easy to browse using the site’s advanced search filters.

The site maintains a simpler approach than its competitors, making it easier to find specific sounds to use in your music production. Rather than taking out a subscription, you can simply purchase the specific sound you want.

Cymatics focuses on sample packs, presets and plugins. Aimed at more experienced music producers, you can find tons of presets and plugins to enhance your DAW workflow and make the production process much easier.

The site also has a Blog section where articles are posted by experienced music professionals to help you learn aspects of music production. While there is a pricing model for the majority of samples, presets, and plugins, there is also a collection of free downloads that are updated regularly.

Splice is hugely popular for a reason. It has the definitive collection of one-shots, loops, samples, plugins, and presets to enhance your music production workflow. Splice has several types of audio files, so it helps to know the most common audio formats and which one you should use to ensure that you get the most out of the sounds you find on the platform.

A cool feature of Splice is its similar sounds AI which you can use to find sounds similar to the one you are downloading and narrow your search in a way that is relevant to the music you are creating. The platform even has a native beat maker like LANDR, allowing you to play with the sounds you find before transferring them to your DAW.

Splice has several pricing options available with a free trial that you can use to try it out before paying.

Enhance your music production with loops, samples and presets

You probably know how overwhelming music production can be. Websites like these help you find better sounds, plugins, and presets to improve your workflow and overall music production skills, so you can focus on creating the music you want to create.

In addition to the websites covered here, there are plenty of websites to find free Creative Commons music to use in your next audio project.


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