The America First Caucus: Making Americans Last


Republicans loyal to former President Trump have attempted to create a new congressional caucus, with a platform full of lies, nativism and racist whistles.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, revealed the new “America First Caucus”, with the support of prominent Trump followers such as Florida Republican Matt Gaetz and Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar. Based largely on Trumpism, their campaign platform does not shy away from racist whistles and nativist language.

During his short tenure in Congress, Greene managed to immerse himself in endless controversy. February 4, the representative was removed from her assignments on the House committee following controversial statements made before his election. Greene has expressed support for right-wing plots, such as wondering if school shootings were organized and calling for violence against prominent democrats.

In the aftermath of the January 6 uprising, all House Democrats and 11 Republicans voted to strip Greene of his committee assignments. It was a victory for justice and accountability, but Greene stayed in Congress and never learned his lesson. In an effort to continue her controversial rhetoric, Greene launched the “ America First Caucus ” for herself and other delusional Trump loyalists in Congress.

However, just like the rest of Greene’s words and actions, the caucus had deep connections to racism and nativism. The platform begins by claiming “follow in President Trump’s footsteps. Representatives then laid out their main political platforms, starting with regurgitating Trump’s lies about “mass electoral fraud»In the 2020 election.

The platform then enters the standard Republican talking points on the job. “Remove power from the federal government”, “eliminate thousands of regulations” and attack big tech companies. However, the platform is then even more explicit in racism than the traditional Republican and America First rhetoric.

The platform underlined the importance of our “Anglo-Saxon political traditions”. While it may sound innocent, the Ku Klux Klan and many other white supremacist groups have praised the Anglo-Saxon system of government and its culture for decades, explicitly referring to the benefit of white European immigrants and the prejudice of any other group in the United States.

In addition, the platform explicitly pushes for “European Architecture ”and demonizes“ post-1965 immigrants ”as poorer and less educated. This year refers to the Immigration and Nationality Act 1965, where America finally stopped giving preferential treatment to white immigrants from Western Europe over people of color. What a thing to criticize.

The platform speaks for itself. He seeks to legitimize Trump’s baseless claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election. Worse yet, he uses white supremacist rhetoric and calls for a return to European, mostly white, immigration and culture. In 2021, many House Republicans are still demonizing people of color and migrants for their issues, using racist whistles and explicit calls for whiteness.

America is not a big country because we are white, European, or have a base in Anglo-Saxon culture; America is a great country because of the contributions of immigrants from all over the world, uniting under one flag in the pursuit of a better life. Calls for nativism and the demonization of immigration are a thing of the past, rooted in racism and ignorance.

Fortunately, the American people, whom the platform claims to defend, have seen through this thinly veiled racism. Even Republicans in Congress, who have broadly backed Trump’s baseless election claims, are quick to distance themselves from the caucus. For example, Representative John Katko, R-New York, stated that “racism and nativism are antithetical to our fundamental principles and have no place in our society», Referring to the caucus platform.

Greene herself has abandoned the plan to launch the caucus in Congress after an intense backlash from his own party. Rep Jimmy Gomez, D-California, even wrote a resolution to expel Greene from Congress thanks to the America First Caucus. While this legislation is unlikely to pass, it shows the immense backlash that Republicans in Congress can receive when they are too explicit in their racism.

Although the caucus itself has been defeated, the ideals of racism and nativism will not be stopped today. This caucus proves that despite an electoral defeat, Trumpism is still alive and well in the United States. Americans must actively fight racism and hatred in this country so that all people, not just white Europeans, are put first.

Featured Image: Marjorie Taylor Greene is sworn in to Congress. Public domain image by the United States Congress.

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