The best sites offering HD photos and vector illustrations to boost your brand image


High-quality stock graphics are a quick and affordable option to boost your designs. Finding the right professional to create art may not be easy if you are new to digital imaging. This is where stock image sites come in handy. They offer a variety of high-quality visuals for all styles and tastes, and take care of the legal matters for you. The terms and conditions of the license explain all the essential details on the use of the file and the possible limitations.

Keep reading this article to find out what aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing the most suitable stock content market, and the top three reliable sites with HD files.

What to pay attention to when choosing stock photo download sites


Usually, stock image websites offer content under a royalty-free license. This type of license means that you buy a file once and can use it multiple times for various projects without paying any additional fees. Also, you are not infringing copyright when you create content using royalty-free visuals. However, the images you purchase under this license do not belong exclusively to you. Other brands and maybe even your competitors may also use them. You can also find free and royalty-free images, which will require attribution when used for commercial purposes.

There is also a Creative Commons license often used by image banks that only offer free files. It is generally more diverse than royalty-free. The CC license provides free access to the visuals, but the content creator retains the rights and the flexibility to choose the exact license terms. For example, Creative Commons images may only be free for personal or commercial use and are not available for sale without modification.

Additionally, image stocks may offer content under a rights-managed license, the terms of which are usually defined by a specific website, content creator, and purpose of use. For example, you can buy a visual file to create and sell a particular print or use it in a specific project. Also, you can negotiate the number of copies and the duration for which you will own this content. Therefore, the price of rights-managed images may vary depending on how you intend to use them. You can pay one fee to include images in your content marketing strategy and another to use them as part of your branding.

Search options

There are many stock photos and vector graphics on the web, but not all of them are easy to browse. Luckily, the best websites offer advanced search run on AI-based algorithms that deliver the needed results even if you search for an image using just one keyword. Most stock photos also have filters that allow you to choose a particular visual category, for example, photos, vectors, illustrations, or other content.

Additionally, stock platforms often simplify your search and offer various image collections. These collections can differ in theme (holiday, sport, romance, etc.), color, and even the mood or emotion they convey (energetic, joyful, calm, etc.). A diverse search is a notable benefit that eases the search process and reduces the time spent finding visuals.

Style and type of visuals

The best picture sites should offer diverse content. Users need to be able to browse and find the files needed for different projects, whether it’s abstract shapes for their marketing design or photos of an aesthetic nature for promotional purposes. Photos should not have old-fashioned, staged poses or forced smiles.

Some platforms may focus on photographs, while others offer hand-drawn illustrations, GIFs, and other digitally created visuals. Some are very selective about the style of image they endorse and post on their sites. They can encourage artists to be as creative and authentic as possible and to submit striking and impressive visuals. Other marketplaces may provide as many images and visual styles as possible.

Therefore, if you are working with a specific branding strategy or a fairly narrow target audience, it may be best to find a stock photo that meets all your requirements and stick with it. On the other hand, if you go for diversity, you may want to subscribe and use several platforms.

Top 3 Stock Photos With HD Vector Artwork


Depositphotos is one of the largest and most diverse stock content websites, offering various images, including over 54 million vivid and attractive vectors available on It’s easy to find striking images in the library by using advanced search filters and browsing trendy collections. The collections differ in subjects, colors, moods, seasons, holidays and other factors. For example, you can broaden your image search by looking at the User’s Choice, Latest Files, or Featured Illustrator collections. You can read more at

The Depositphotos Marketplace offers both free and premium images. Over 65,000 free files are available on a separate webpage; just click on the Free tab in the search field and enter your request. Also remember to attribute the platform when using free files in your projects. To download premium images without watermark, you need to purchase a budget subscription or an on-demand plan.

The library offers two types of royalty-free licenses: Standard and Extended. The Standard License allows images to be used for commercial and personal purposes, limiting the number of copies and creating items for resale or free distribution. The Extended poses no limits or restrictions, giving you freedom of use.


Pixabay offers free stock photos, vector images, and illustrations. This platform has a clear view of the content and carefully reviews new image submissions, checking their quality and legality. Therefore, royalty-free visuals are highly approved by the library and safe to use.

The marketplace offers several curated collections to help you select the right images for a particular occasion. In addition, convenient search parameters have been created to simplify your navigation. You can filter images by size, type, orientation, and color.

Pixabay’s license allows you to use images for commercial and non-commercial purposes without attribution. However, you may not redistribute or sell these images without material changes.


Vecteezy offers a variety of images, including stock photos and vector illustrations. You can find collections on various topics like marriage, lifestyle, animals, and others. In addition, some of them can indicate the popularity of the content, such as trends or the most downloaded images. Others may show the potential use of an image, for example, a background, pattern, banner, or for other purposes.

Vecteezy offers three types of royalty-free licenses: Free, Pro, and Pro Extended. The free license allows downloading files with certain usage limitations – you need to assign the platform and use one image for a certain number of copies. The Pro license waives the attribution requirement and increases the number of copies. The Pro Extended places no limitations or restrictions on the use of the content.

to summarize

Using stock images can help you quickly create striking designs and engaging web content without spending your resources producing visuals for a brand. However, you should pay attention to license terms and conditions and choose trustworthy actions like those listed in this article. Explore the platforms and choose your preferred option.


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