The Ibrox fan media doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story (libel).


One of the stories circulating in the gutters of Sevco’s social media today – and which I highlighted yesterday – is this suggestion that Celtic “timed” the Australian tour announcement to distract from some other story.

There are three basic elements to this that I want to point out, but let’s start with the most obvious. This whole story, in addition to being repulsive and disgusting, is based, unsurprisingly, on a brazen and outright lie.

Celtic did not choose the timing of the announcement.

This decision was made for us by two entirely separate bodies; the Australian media, who knew all the details of the event and were writing about it before our announcement, and the Scottish media, who lazily contented themselves with copying and pasting what the Australian press had put in the public domain.

That story was there. The facts were there.

The whole thing was already public knowledge and all Celtic did was confirm it, not that they had to.

Australian media got this cold thing. Some of their sportswriters had been talking about it for weeks, not that most of us believed them. But they had it. They knew what they were talking about.

As tends to happen, our media released it soon after.

Most of the early coverage by bloggers came either from the Australian story or from followings in the Scottish press.

I don’t believe Celtic wanted him any more than the Ibrox club, not so soon, but once the story was in the air there was no point in keeping it quiet.

In fact, the Celtic confirmation was actually quite low-key at first, and at no point during the tour publicity did we do what would have generated maximum headlines; we never, at any time, made it public based on the game against them. Indeed, it took weeks before we even confirmed they were a participant.

It was the Australian media who made the decision to go the extra mile for us, immediately requesting numerous interviews with Ange himself, which Celtic only granted. This is another area where their social media basically tells lies; it wasn’t Celtic who dubbed it the AngeBall Homecoming Tour… it was their media, run by the organizers themselves. I get why Sevconia hates it, but we can’t let them lie about it.

The Scottish press then followed suit, quizzing the manager about it for the next two weeks, almost every time he was on camera.

The second element is the total ignorance of the media – and they are the club’s “official media partners” – which betrays itself in the very idea that announcing a friendly match would have erased the coverage of a major event involving our club. Professionals from the mainstream press would have sniffed out this strategy in two seconds, and none of them would have accepted it.

Which brings me to the third thing here, which is that this whole thing shows Sevconia’s dark obsession with exactly that. An obsession. And when you’re obsessed with something, it’s hard to understand that the rest of the world might not be.

For years, the mantra there has been that there is a huge “cover-up” of this whole problem. Which is bizarre to me since I’ve read literally acres of media coverage on this, watched at least two full documentaries on football abuse cases where the Boys Club issue is discussed in detail and we’re not only to where court cases are even possible because the Scottish government – ​​allegedly a co-conspirator in the ‘cover-up’ – abolished the statute of limitations, then legislated to allow the consolidation of claims.

Without these changes, all of this would be pointless.

I wrote on this blog previously that their default position is hate.

Theirs is easily the most toxic, vicious and hateful football support on this island.

No other even comes close.

They went from singing about kneeling in our blood, mocking the Great Hunger dead and slandering our greatest manager ever to now, deep in the swamp. And looking at the world the way they do, they only see two groups of people; those who share their hatreds and those who do not.

And whoever is on this side is their enemy.

They truly believe that because they want comprehensive 24/7 coverage, that should be it. And when that doesn’t happen, they cringe and claw and bite and dump their shit like crazy in an asylum, unable to understand why the rest of the world doesn’t want to dwell on this awful subject all day, all the days, as they do, and in a hope (which will be vain) not that the victims obtain justice… but that “Celtic is brought to justice”.

Football justice first, although none of them can name the rule we supposedly broke.

Financial justice then, which means administration at the very least… it is their biggest and most ridiculous fantasy, as if our club did not have civil liability insurance or the means to settle this.

These issues, and others peripheral to it, are in the hands of the authorities and progress through the system.

What’s more, the judgment they think we ‘announced’ to distract, and which happened days before the Australian story broke, has been the subject of extensive media coverage; just not enough for these vampires, who thrive on feeding on pain and suffering to get their fix of Fenian blood in other ways.

I hate those Peepuls.

Really, and I have long understood that in the dark recesses of their forums and websites, they are able to rationalize all their hatreds, paranoia and grudges…and we allow them that because it is their club that must deal with the tarnished reputation they bring to it, and the only people who ultimately suffer are their club’s many fans who are fed up with it being polluted with their filth.

But we must not allow them to lie.

This becomes one of the defining characteristics of Sevco’s social media; don’t let the facts get in the way of a good libel story.


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