The media must learn that Celtic are not entering the race for every player they sign.


Tonight’s hacks run the story that we have ‘competition’ in the race to sign youngster Connor Barron from Aberdeen. The thing is, there’s no real evidence that we’re even interested in signing this guy.

We spotted him. It’s not the same thing.

Celtic need to scout dozens of players every month.

We sent the whole scouting team to watch a recent international where he was playing.

Last time I checked there were 11 players on each team…so we could have been there to enforce the rule for him. Or it could have been 21 more. We have no way of knowing, and neither do the hacks.

But even if it was Barron, does that mean we were bound to do business? Of course not.

We were keeping an eye on the guy.

It’s different from wanting to jump headfirst into an auction. That doesn’t even mean we’ll make an offer even if there’s no one else on the scene, even if the guy is cheap. Even though the guy was available for free.

Yet that is what the media do.

They put us in touch with footballers – see Semedo, who we totally denied any interest in, but who they “signed within days” of this week – then tell us new stories about how we move too slowly or face opposition… all so they can write the famous “Celtic snubbed” story they love so much.

I have no doubt we watched Barron. I have no doubt that we watched a lot of young Scottish players; we have a long and distinguished history of signing them.

But if we had to make any offer, we would have made it.

If we had made a bid, it would have slipped out of Pittodrie faster than a thirsty Sevco fan drinking down the toilet.

Whoever it is in this race, that doesn’t include us.

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