The media want to focus on ‘what went wrong’, but the weekend belonged to Celtic.


A club is denied credit in different ways. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen every single one of them, and today we hit the nadir of that coverage.

Today, in almost every mainstream outlet, the focus is on what Saturday visitors did wrong rather than the many things our brilliant team did right.

This is somewhat understandable; they and their audience struggle to understand what they witnessed and put it into a context that allows them to continue to believe in their club.

But let’s not deliver them to this madness. This weekend was everything for us. It all depended on what we had done well. It was how ruthless we became.

Let’s put it this way; all the talk before the game was about how their manager understood our system. It’s not hard to do because we play the same way every week, so it wasn’t a big shock that we approached the game the way we did.

Almost every hack that wrote about it concluded that the Ibrox management team and the players just ignored what they knew and tried to approach the game as if we weren’t an attacking team forefoot.

Why is it a difficult leap for them to make to get to the truth?

It doesn’t matter if you can figure out a team’s tactics…it doesn’t necessarily mean you have the raw materials to counter them. You can know the working mechanisms of a hurricane. No one has yet figured out how to prevent it. And that’s the real problem for them and the one they just can’t figure out.

They just didn’t have the tools to prevent this from turning into a rout.

Celtic have better players in every position.

We have a better manager with a better plan. We have a system that may seem obvious and even a bit simplistic, but as I always say, a lot of things look easy on the outside, until you try them for yourself.

We make football simple. Great teams do. I used to watch Barcelona pass the ball through world-class midfielders and defenses and wondered why they weren’t good enough to prevent this. It was almost like there was magic woven into it.

But none of this was magic, of course.

What you had was an exceptionally well trained, organized and hungry team. Each player knew when to remove the ball and where. Each player possessed a certain level of quick thinking and intelligence.

We were just too fast for them. Too sharp. Too sharp in passing and too full of movement. That’s what the manager instilled on this side.

I said after the Dundee Utd game that everything we were promised when Ange became manager was being delivered, and I wasn’t the least bit surprised that we got that result in we.

Our superiority has been evident for a while… not just since the start of this season but also towards the end of last. We now look at the streets in front of them.

The weekend was ours.

Even the critics who were talking the worst nonsense a few weeks ago had to admit that we simply blew them away on Saturday, but few seem to want to accept what it all means.

So they focus on what they could have done better without ever wondering if there was anything they could have done to stop us. Instead of assuming that the Ibrox club did everything wrong, what if they did everything right…and it didn’t do them any good?

I can see why they don’t want to think that way…but they might be forced to.


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