The SCN Friday Rewind: Top 5 Pro AV Articles of the Week: August 1-5


We published them, you read them. In case you missed it this week, here are the five most clicked stories from Systems Contractor News and the AV Network. (opens in a new tab)

USB Type-C: one port to rule them all

Joseph D. Cornwall

(Image credit: future)

While USB Type-C is one of the most sophisticated and flexible payload and power connectivity ports available today, it is perhaps the consumer AV interface and most misunderstood business to date. The market momentum for this tiny connector is unprecedented and is expected to surpass $127 billion by 2030, according to Future Market Insights. Driving its adoption is the industry-wide move to USB4 and Thunderbolt. The purpose of this article is to provide AV professionals with clarification and basic knowledge about USB4 and USB Type-C.

Keep reading about the future of USB. (opens in a new tab)

15 hardware and software solutions for AV control

AV Control x 15

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Intuitive capacitive touchscreen interfaces, software-based control platforms, a new era of networked microphones, extending DisplayPort 1.2 signals up to 200m over a single LC multimode fiber, hardware or software gateway over Internet for configuration, management and remote management. control, artificial intelligence – to provide an easy and convenient way to manage audio, a solution to power and protect AV systems, extend a 4K HDMI source up to 328 feet to a 4K display, a virtual control device, highly reliable, efficient and robust enough to support thousands of devices, perform tasks, schedule tasks and run batch tasks, distribute up to 4K at 60Hz, efficient installations with all advanced customization, a pair ultra-flexible 1080p transmitter and receiver and instant collaboration without additional computers.

Cindy Davis takes a look at these 15 products designed for AV control. (opens in a new tab)

Large Venue Projectors: Key Features for Presentations in Large Spaces

Concert Optoma ZU2200

(Image credit: Optoma)

Don’t adjust your screen…or your projector. Yes, our readers loved this story last week, but it’s the story that continues.

Live events, one of the verticals hit hard during the pandemic, is starting to see people return. Many people. As COVID-19 restrictions continue to be lifted, guests and attendees are excited to be back in their element, whether it’s a place of worship, music festival or a conference.

Experts from Optoma, Epson and Sony offer their advice on what to look for and try to settle the great LCD vs. DLP debate. (opens in a new tab)

Inside DTEN’s Philosophy, Product Design and Roadmap


(Image credit: DTEN)

AVNetwork recently sat down with two DTEN executives to learn more about the company’s philosophy and how it translates into its product offerings. In short: it’s about creating collaborative equity through simple and affordable all-in-one devices.

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5 takeaways from the 2022 AV/IT Summit

SCN and AV Technology hosted the 2022 AV/IT Summit in New York City at Citi Field.

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The 2022 AV/IT Summit was held at Citi Field in Flushing, NY. The home of the New York Mets is in the midst of one of the most significant technology upgrades in all of MLB, one that will continue to evolve throughout the season and into the next.

Some of the most knowledgeable sources in the professional AV and IT industry joined AV Technology’s Cindy Davis and SCN’s Mark J. Pescatore to take a look at where AV is headed. and IT and some of the challenges in getting there.

Take a look at what we learned in New York. (opens in a new tab)


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