The secret media meetings for political censorship of the 2023 elections and why TDB cannot cover them


So I hear about this closed-door meeting between the Disinformation Project and the mainstream media and I immediately become curious.

It’s strange that a closed-door event like this is being broadcast and I’m curious what the Disinformation Project and the Science Media Center are saying to news producers and reporters as the 2023 election nears.

Many news outlets juggle journalistic values ​​on both sides of the debate with academics arguing for censorship to stop radicalization.

This leads to a type of journalism like the middle-class docudrama “Fire + Fury” that focuses solely on savage qanon antivax fear-mongers rather than Trevor Mallard’s actions in explaining the violence on the lawns of Parliament.

So I really wanted to go see exactly what academics advocating censorship were privately saying to mainstream media and corporate news producers, so I applied on the 19th to sign up and go check it out.

I haven’t heard anything all last week, so I’ve been following this week…


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It came out on the 17th, I applied on the 19th. How could the whole event be booked in just two days?

Whether The daily blog can’t go and hear what academics want mainstream media and corporate news media to censor so shouldn’t we at least know what corporate media and mainstream media are doing so that we know they could censor themselves?

We have just learned that the all new zealand mainstream media self censored any coverage of influential social media wealthy white wankers while our government was hitting Iran.

Shouldn’t we at least know if mainstream media and corporate news are self-censoring particular opinions in the 2023 election?

We will continue to try to force access to this meeting, because the elites should not be able to agree in public without backlash.

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