The sewage treatment plant sites to the east and west have been identified by the MUA


Landowners and stakeholder groups can expect to hear more next week

Are you passionate about the sea? If so, you will be following the Manx Utilities Authority’s Wastewater Strategy Blog with great interest.

The authority’s plan to establish sewage treatment plants in the east and west of the island was put on hold when the pandemic hit, so where are we now?

The Manx Utilities Board met last week to receive recommendations from project teams at process plant sites.

Chairman of Manx Utilities, Rob Callister MHK sent us the following statement:

“The Manx Utilities Board met on Friday March 25 and I am happy to say that we have agreed on a way forward for Garff and Peel. We are committed to updating local stakeholder groups and landowners next week as a priority now that we have reached this important milestone.

Manx Utilities is now in the delivery phase of this essential program and looks forward to working with the government on this aspect of the island’s plan to deliver the final stages of modern sewage treatment in Garff and Peel and, importantly, complete the overall wastewater treatment solution for the Isle of Man.’

But what does the delay mean for water safety?

Hazel Hannan is Chair of the Town of Peel Commissioners:

What can we do while waiting?

Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, Clare Barber:

And a final word from a three-time serial diver, Margaret, who swims mostly in South Ramsey: do water quality ratings affect where she chooses to swim?

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