The Sheer Hypocrisy of Western Media and Democracy Think Tanks


When I was a journalist in the United States, I saw that democracy and voting were literally decided by the courts. It was 2000, when George Bush’s election in Florida was being questioned by Al Gore, the Democratic presidential candidate, and it literally boiled down to how a punch machine worked on a ballot and words like pregnant women appeared. If a voter did not hit hard enough, they would be called dimpled or pregnant chad and would not be counted.

This is how elections were held in the largest democracy in the world.

Even today you have paper ballots. India is years ahead of America in its voting machines and self-governing electoral commission, but Western media and powerful NGOs and think tanks may dare to write defamatory reports that India does not is not a democracy.

The same West that bowed to many an autocratic regime that killed its own citizens when it wanted democracy. I need only mention China at this point, but as western democracies know very well, they have traded and done business with dictators who have trampled on human rights and thus absolved them of their flagrant abuses.

For years, the West has been aware of how China treats its citizens, from Falun Gong practitioners who were totally peaceful to student protests and organ harvesting from living political prisoners, but it has looked the other way because China for its business and investment looked like a good deal. . The fact that after all of this came out and even after the Covid pandemic that started in China and was allowed to travel around the world, you still have CEOs of investment banks and corporates doing business with an evil dictatorship, shows the hypocrisy of the West on its so-called Western values ​​and love of democracies.

When America calls itself the oldest democracy, I recoil with disdain because until the late 1960s, African Americans were not allowed to vote in many states in the United States. Their constitution was not written by a bunch of underdogs, whereas when India gained independence from the British, every Indian had equal voting rights as early as 1951 and our Constitution was written by no less than a leader than what the British called an inferior. caste- the giant BR Ambedkar. And India is still following him.

Such giants were never allowed to appear in the American system although they had been free and independent for over three hundred years. Imagine a democracy where first women and then African-American citizens had to fight for their right to vote? Would someone with half a brain call this a democracy? Yet America proudly claims to be the oldest democracy!

So I, who have lived and worked in America, want to know how the West and its biased media, think tanks and dodgy NGOs have dared to tell India that we are not a full democracy. We who have perfect elections unlike the United States and have over a billion people, more diversity and more political parties than America could ever dream of having?

How dare one of these bigoted and racist organizations speak to an existing civilization over 5000 years old about western values. How dare they lecture us about our human rights, when they invaded and destroyed entire populations of the countries they colonized like the American Indians and so many others both in the East and in the West and South America and still do so today in the 21st century.

Their story is full of these raw and undeniable truths. Nagasaki and Hiroshima happened under Western values. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Vietnam and the use of Agent Orange and Napalm happened under Western values. I could name so many other things, but my aim is not just to name them and blame them on their reports on India, but to make them introspect. They even bring people from the countries they have abused to be on their side by brainwashing them or ransoming them into speaking out against their homeland.

India is the only country whose GDP is growing today, but the West wants to lecture us on a questionable hunger or human rights index, and their reports are so discriminatory that they make them laughable. How can such media and reports even have the courage to write such blatant lies in an age of social media where all statistics are available on the internet and where, except for countries like China, we have hundreds of thousands of newspapers, journalists and television stations. this report in several more languages ​​than anywhere else in the world?

This is something Western NGOs, the media and think tanks really need to consider before the rest of the world can take them seriously. There are no Western values ​​- we in India have values ​​and a philosophy that the West has desperately tried to make its own – like Sanskrit being part of the Indo-European language when they knew Sanskrit, the birth of the language came from India and not from some Aryan invasion from north to south.

The fact is, if there had been Sanskrit spoken or written or even found in the scriptures and history of the West, but it is only found in India, its birthplace, and Vedic knowledge in Sanskrit is also only found in India and was taken to the West and translated by later Arab and Western invasions, who took our sacred texts and were so amazed at it that they claimed it could not have been designed by an indigenous people who were not white.

Indian thought and philosophy are not linear, they are cyclical like the perfect round zero, invented by India. Our time has come and no amount of dishonest reporting from the West can make a billion Indians or of Indian descent all over the planet dumb us down with their lies. The days of colonization are over and we are truly waking up to a new dawn.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.



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