The strength of all media lies in the truth


Vladimir Pertsov

MINSK, June 23 (BelTA) — The strength of all media lies in truth, Belarusian Information Minister Vladimir Pertsov told reporters at the 2nd Belarusian media community forum “Regional media in the digital space : best practices, problems, perspectives”, learned BelTA.

“The strength of all media lies in the truth. We don’t force anyone to make things up or create fake news. We do not entrust such tasks to regional or central media. We want the entire press of the Republic of Belarus to quickly and objectively cover all the processes taking place in our beautiful country,” said Vladimir Pertsov.

For the second consecutive year, the forum brings together the best representatives of the country’s media community. It provides a platform to exchange views and generate new ideas, helps to consolidate the efforts of people representing various fields of expertise, with the ultimate aim of promoting regional media taking into account digitization processes, public demands and the need to effectively promote state information. produced in all environments.

The event aims to help media representatives improve their skills, make new contacts, learn to work in a convergence environment and create a uniform media community in Belarus with the aim of developing and improving the national information space. The forum is attended by heads of central and regional state-run mass media, experts in the field of communication, ideologues and bloggers.

The forum will end with a solemn award ceremony for the winners of the 18th edition of the Lettre d’or competition.

The forum was organized by the Ministry of Information with the help of the executive committee of Vitebsk oblast.


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