The Week That Was: Top IT and Media News [week 17]


It was both ups and downs during the week with many big tech companies presenting quarterly reports. Amazon reported loss for first time in 15 years; Meta’s Facebook stopped losing users, Alphabet, the owner of Google, disappointed the markets; the shortage of computer chips worries Apple; and Microsoft was better than expected.

Elon Musk got what he wanted buy Twitter and pay cash 44 billion dollars! The dominant question after the announcement was; What will happen when a self-described “free speech absolutist” buys Twitter?

The European Commission proposed a directive aimed at improving the protection of journalists and human rights defenders against abusive legal proceedings. Strategic litigation is a particular form of harassment aimed at preventing or sanctioning speaking out on matters of public interest.

GroupM, WPP’s media investment and advertising group announced the merger of Essence with MediaCom and Mindshare with Neo to create a new cross-channel performance platform powered by AI technology. The move is backed by Choreograph, WPP’s global data and technology company. The new unit will launch with 10,000 employees across 125 offices in 2023.

Russian cyberattacks related to the war in Ukraine could be extended to also target countries providing military assistance to Ukraine, Microsoft Vice President Tom Burt warned in a blog post. The company has observed Russian-aligned actors active in Ukraine showing interest or conducting operations against organizations in the Baltics and Turkey – all NATO member states.

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