Trump raid deepens talk of media bias


Fox News host Geraldo Rivera went on a rant against Trump supporters, who spewed “hate and vitriol” which he says prompted the attack on an FBI office in the Ohio.

Monday’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence created a lot of tension for the department, with some smearing the FBI during the raid.

“I hope and pray that this is not related to Mar-a-Lago because the vitriol and tone of the rhetoric and hatred directed at the office by supporters, fringe supporters of the former president is very alarming,” Rivera said on The Thursday Afternoon Edition of Fox News. US reports, by Mediated.

“I grew up thinking the FBI was, you know, they, we had all these TV shows and that, watched, they were flawless. Sure, they’re not perfect in real life, but they’re a wonderful law enforcement agency doing their best.

Rivera went on to say that if Americans start targeting agencies like the FBI with violence, the country is heading down a slippery slope from which it cannot turn back because of the danger.

“We can’t, and again, we are, I guess. Ted and I just use, you know, best guesses about it. We don’t know for sure what the attacker’s motive was, but we can’t go there as a country,” Rivera said.

“Once we started, you know, being so disrespectful and full of vitriol against an agency that’s so central to the lives of so many Americans, I think we, Sandra, are in danger.”


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