Twitter ends ad-free posts for premium blue followers: The Tribune India


New Delhi, November 2

Twitter has announced the discontinuation of ad-free posts for its Premium Blue subscribers under Elon Musk as its new CEO.

The microblogging platform said it had made the decision “to stop ad-free posting, effective close of business, October 31, 2022.”

Twitter included ad-free articles when it rolled out its Blue subscription last year for $4.99.

A portion of Twitter Blue’s subscription fee revenue went directly to publishers in their network.

The feature was based on the platform that Twitter acquired from Scroll, a service that specializes in removing ads from news sites.

“We will stop displaying the ‘Twitter Blue Publisher’ label on all tweets containing your articles. We will no longer send a Twitter blue token when people on Twitter access articles from your properties,” the micro-platform said. blogging in an email sent. to publishers.

“This will prevent the ad-free experience from loading on your site. No changes are required on your part, but feel free to remove any Twitter blue code from your site,” the company said.

The features allow Blue users to view articles without advertising on participating websites.

“This is just the beginning of ad-free articles with much more ad-free content to come as we continue to build more partnerships, with more publishers, in more markets,” the company said in November of Last year.

“Our goal is to help each publisher partner earn 50% more per person than they would have earned serving ads to that person,” he added. IANS

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