Twitter notes (or articles) entering beta could arrive in the coming weeks


It looks like the days of 280 characters (remember when we only had 140?) on Twitter may soon be coming to an end. We don’t mean entirely, but if recent reports of a Twitter Notes (or Articles) feature are true, it could mean the end of character caps.

If you’re not already aware, let’s fix that. We may soon see a new feature on Twitter, named Twitter Notes or Twitter Articles. We’re pretty sure it’ll be called Notes, but no one is sure yet. According to a new report from Tech Crunchthe Bird app is apparently finished with the update and will soon start testing it on a few select users.

Write that!

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of a Twitter Notes update. A little over a month ago, Reliable Reports released some screenshots of the feature. The purpose of the update is to provide users with a “blogging tool” that allows them to use it as a dedicated article system. You will be able to post long content, post images and embed links – the works.

But that was a month ago. Now, we would like to know when we can expect the update to hit our screens. Tech Crunch indicates that the update will be visible in the next beta version of Twitter and will be highlighted for users to try it out. It also looks like Twitter landed on the Notes name for the feature. As for when regular users will be able to get their hands on the update, it looks like we’ll be waiting a few weeks. However, if the beta does not go as well as expected, a delay could be encountered.

What this could mean for Twitter

Not much will really change for the platform, beyond the extra word length. And the fact that the notes/articles will be searchable by keyword everywhere, and not just their titles. Which is pretty cool for Twitter die-hards. Yes, we will see messages with more than 280 characters, and that’s okay. Many users already create a thread to get their message across.

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Some are even posting screenshots of their phone’s note-taking app – and we need everyone to know that’s not correct. Reading looks like a serious chore when it comes to browsing through a screenshot of someone’s unedited notes. Unless it’s really very funny. So it’s good.

When and if Notes launches, users will be able to read much of the same information in a much easier way. There will be no pauses to manage, but rather a full, uninterrupted flow of writing. Whether that stays true to what makes the platform…well, Twitter…remains to be seen.

Source: Tech Crunch


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