Twitter users are turning to other platforms


Elon Musk eventually took over Twitter and right after taking over, many senior Twitter executives lost their jobs. It shows that he has his own plans for the social media platform. But no one knows his plans right now, and no one knows what he might do next either.

For this reason, many users have started packing their stuff in search of a new social media. Something that works like Twitter or at least similar to Twitter. Social media platforms like Discord, Mastodon and others are taking advantage of this.

Some Twitter users are turning to Discord

A week before Elon Musk took over Twitter for $44 billion, a writer named Cassie LaBelle, who is part of a transgender community on Twitter, launched her own Discord server. She wrote “I don’t know if Musk will buy and destroy Twitter or not. But I hope my Discord server will be an interesting experience.

Also, the Discord server could be a safer space for the transgender community she’s developed over a decade to have their private interactions. For LaBelle, there’s nothing like Twitter and no one has what Twitter has. Musk’s takeover doesn’t mean LaBelle is leaving. She uses Twitter a lot for her work, but to be safer, she needs to create a smaller version of her community on a safer platform.

Musk said he would reinstate former US President Donald Trump. It will also allow any tweet that does not break the law. However, he tweeted that he was not going to make a major decision until he convened a people’s council. Those who would provide broad views on moderation. Twitter

On the other hand, some Twitter users are considering fleeing the platform. Because they don’t want to provide free content to a platform owned by the richest man in the world.

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We have come across a number of users who have started sharing their information on Twitter. Most of this information is for their Twitter followers to find on Discord or Mastodon. They are also decentralized microblogging platforms that work like Twitter.

Mastodon also hosted some Twitter users

Platforms like Mastodon were an early beneficiary of Twitter’s evacuation. Mastodon CEO Eugen Rochko said that between October 20 and October 27, his platform welcomed around 18,000 new users. As of October 28, Mastodon had approximately 381,113 active users, Rochko said.

The hashtag #TwitterMigration has been trending on Twitter for a while now. However, most users who tweet with this hashtag don’t seem ready to migrate now. They created the Mastodon accounts in anticipation of any changes that might force them out.

Some Twitter users have already started adding their Mastodon accounts to the Twitter Bios. Others have their Mastodon accounts as their new Twitter handles.

Mastodon Reacting to this wrote “Looks like #Mastodon is trending on Twitter as more and more people announce their new profiles”.

Danny Groner, chief marketing officer at venture capital group Forecast Labs, says Twitter is where he connects with people as a professional. And he has no intention of quitting yet. He stressed, however, that he would also leave if there were any changes that allowed inappropriate content to take over. Twitter

Mastodon and Discord are the new backup plan for some Twitter users

He then confessed to having already created his Mastodon account on Thursday even though he does not yet know much about the platform. But he just wants to have a backup plan in case trolls and stalkers fill up the Twitter platform.

He says: “It would be a real shame for him to lose this resource. There is a breaking point for me personally and morally. If I were to decide it’s time to close my account and move on, I’d have to get creative to replicate that success. »

Another Twitter user called Matt Haughey; the founder of the community blogging platform “MetaFilter” also made his position clear. He said he didn’t trust Musk’s judgment. And does not want to be part of a platform that belongs to him. He said: I don’t want to create value for him.

Haughey also said, “I don’t get paid to do this. It’s a waste of time if I don’t have fun with it. As of this writing, he has already deleted all of his tweets and updated his bio: I will not tweet on any platform owned by Musk. He read.


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