Two locals rank nationwide in Strongman competition


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Over the weekend two men from Bowling Green made their way to the Strongman Open Nationals Competition.

Tyler Young and John Robinson secured a top three spot in their corresponding divisions.

Young owns a gym in town called Great Ape and has competed in 35 Strongman competitions over the past 6 years and eventually achieved pro status over the weekend while placing 2sd in the nation in its weight class.

Young says there are currently only about 15 active people with pro status in the country.

“I did a few other national championships. I’ve done a few world-class competitions, but it all ended up being, sort of, a big show. So getting that second place was enough to earn my pro status in the middleweight division and I mean that was kind of the goal from the start was to get pro status, if you will. So it was good to finally check this one out in the box, ”Young said.

About a year ago, Young took Robinson under his wing and began training him in Strongman.

Now Robinson has a 3rd places the title for his weight class under his belt after the weekend competition.

This was Robinson’s very first national strongman competition, so the ranking was a huge accomplishment.

“It was pretty crazy because I ended up tied for third place. And then I was almost all the way back to the hotel and Tyler called me and said, “You have to come back here right now because we’re going to make a watershed event.” I ended up winning and I’m still trying to figure out everything that’s going on with it, ”said Robinson.

Robinson plans to try again next year, and his wife says she hopes to see him place 1st so.


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