VideoCelts article on Mark Lawwell does exactly what these sites are supposed to do.


Last night VideoCelts published a major article casting doubt on Mark Lawwell’s alleged credentials.

I read the article and thought it was very interesting.

I would suggest that everyone read it; they can find it on this link.

I wasn’t surprised to see that there was a backlash against it.

There is a part of our support that is just as closed-minded and intolerant of questions and criticism as the support of Ibrox. Some idiot on Twitter today demanded that we let him continue supporting the team…like one of the bloggers was interfering with his ability to do so.

I find this kind of comment pathetic, ignorant and idiotic.

Address the points or don’t address the points. Suggestions that the questions themselves should not be asked or that they are harmful, dangerous or disruptive are clownish.

That’s what bloggers are supposed to do.

VideoCelts is one of the oldest sites in Celtic cyberspace.

Joe McHugh has spent more than a decade fighting for, promoting and supporting this club… his willingness to explore this issue is a measure of his dedication to Celtic and I applaud him wholeheartedly.

It’s one of the ways our club is healthy. That’s why he’s strong.

Celtic fans once saved this club from a previous board.

If they had remained silent, God knows where we would be.

I have serious reservations about the appointment of Mark Lawwell, and I’ve been candid that the Director’s endorsement in no way alleviates them.

Angel will be wrong. Ange may even – whisper this – not always tell us all the facts.

There are serious questions that need to be answered about this appointment and how it was made.

Joe just asked about it.

These questions have answers; the problem is that the upper echelon of our club does not communicate its thought or try to answer any of them. Lawwell Jnr hasn’t said a single word since taking the job.

Neither has Michael Nicholson since becoming CEO. Not a word. A remarkable fact considering the length of his employment.

Everything suggests that our club is incapable of thinking outside the box.

We have just appointed a new Head of Marketing to replace the exceptional Kerry Keenan.

And guess what? The new dude turns out to have worked here before, until 2016, in a different role.

I’m not saying he can’t do the job…but really, were those the only people who were available?

How many more hires are we going to make that have the insider smell about them?

How many times must it be pointed out that Celtic is now run according to the whims and personal tastes of a small number of people? How many times would we point out how unhealthy this is?

Serious organizations don’t do business that way.

Let me remind you that even the hiring of Ange himself is now accepted to be the work of the combined “talents” of Lawwell and Lawwell. It was used to suggest that the CEO saved his reputation and restored his reputation.

His reputation and reputation fell down the Hampden shower hole.

That this is a Lawwell-Lawwell suggestion, endorsed by the largest shareholder, does not fill me with confidence. The success of this nomination is not all that matters here; the way it was made is terrifying.

And not enough people thought about it through to its conclusion.

Most people won’t care, but the idea that Ange was a happy accident really freaks me out because his presence here has more to do with luck than good judgment and strategic vision.

I think we should continue to question everything that those above the manager are doing.

No benefit of the doubt at all.

Judge these people on their success, and it comes down to one thing; will they support the manager’s vision?

Joe has every right to ask whatever questions he has.

The only way for some of us to be convinced is when these people justify the trust that others have placed in them.

Those in the upper echelon of the club will need to do a better job than they have done in a long, long time.

The day blogs stop asking these kinds of questions is the day we should all get rid of them.

You might not agree with what Joe wrote last night, and you might not agree with everything I wrote here, but by God you should respect and appreciate the reasons why we do what we do.

We love this club. We fight for this club.

All we do, all day, every day, is fight for this club.

And sometimes that means asking tough questions about it.

We won’t apologize for it, nor should we have to defend it.

Hell, we shouldn’t even have to explain it, because it should be an obvious fact.

Joe was doing the job last night, like it’s supposed to be done.

I congratulate him.


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