WahalaNetwork obeys the rules of social networks -Kristen Dawodu


The mastermind behind an online media platform, Wahalanetwork, Oluwagbenga Dawodu, explained why

the news engine he founded in August 2021 has a strict access control process.

According to him, “We make sure we have evidence to back up the stories we publish. Already, many of our subscribers know WahalaNetwork for this. Some of our followers often message us to share news, but once they have no proof, we don’t post it, we count those invalid stories. Until there is evidence to verify the story, we will not publish it. On our page there are always proofs for each published news. This is extremely important because we are trying to set a good example.

Kristen Dawodu, as she is affectionately known, said, “We are in the age of fake news; where stories, photos and videos can be manipulated simply to defame a target. Any serious blogger or owner of popular media should be careful about the content they release to the public.

He expressed his joy at the success the blog has had over the past six months, just as he reaffirmed that his blog has been and will always be professional in its quest to spread news on the blog’s news platforms, especially Instagram. This is one of the reasons why nude content, even if related to A-list celebrities, will not appear on WahalaNetwork,” he insisted.

“Most blogs are careful not to publish nude photos or sex tapes even if it will bring a lot of traffic, because of Instagram’s guidelines which, once flouted, make it easy to delete pages. Remember that Tundeednut and Gossip Mill have already had their pages taken down so they had to start from scratch.

“I’ve spent a lot on my page and posted a lot of content. I don’t want to risk losing the page and then having to start all over again. Therefore, before posting any content, it goes through a thorough review to make sure it doesn’t go against Instagram’s guidelines, he said.


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