What’s the biggest social media mistake advisors are making?


Social media can be a gift for mortgage professionals as a tool to promote their business, but they don’t always make the best use of it. Too many advisors waste the potential of social media looking for the wrong things.

One of the reasons sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are popular is that the likes you can get on them make their users feel good. If you are an advisor who has created social media accounts as a business promotion tool, there is a limit to the value of likes.

It’s actually pretty easy to get them, but if you create a viral post that gets liked thousands of times and doesn’t guarantee you new customers, what’s the point? A fleeting popularity like this might feel nice for a few hours, but it’s wasted time if it doesn’t noticeably benefit your business.

Just as using the internet to complete your qualifications through an online CeMAP training company is different from browsing in your spare time, it is important to understand the difference between personal and professional use of social media. The first is about validation, while the second is about building your brand.

Consider which groups your expertise can benefit from and tailor your social media posts to those people. Use them to highlight your areas of specialist knowledge and to present a professional image to potential clients, even if it doesn’t rack up likes.


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