Who is Charbel Makassian? An international media manager.


“Who is Charbel Makassian?, an international Media Manager.

What started as a small initiative in 2018, CharbelMedia has now become an expert in its own right. Built from the ground up by Charbel Makassian, a young, driven and innovative person, the small business quickly started to grow, taking on more and more projects.

While improving its production and reach, hosting clients throughout Lebanon, then branching out into the GCC in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and finally internationally, signing clients in the United States, Canada, Australia and even throughout Europe. .

CharbelMedia is not just a team, but a collection of talented individuals who have come together with the same mindset to provide much-needed services in today’s marketing scene. From brilliant marketers to accomplished graphic designers and splendid copywriters, all have come together as one family to ensure that every client’s needs are addressed, and only to the highest degree of quality.

The CharbelMedia team also consists of professional photographers as well as breathtaking models who are always ready to take pictures of any product, be it jewelry, bags or any other item. that you could promote. They’ll also edit photos and rework your social media pages from scratch, even create or rebrand digital identities, and manage your posts and stories from boosting to campaigns, as well as Google ads, Google articles, and your site. website. .

Additionally, they also manage local bloggers and artists, supporting them through the many services they have come to offer; whether it’s boosting posts and stories or reaching real followers through SEO and Google ads, they give you the tools you need to carve your way to success, whether by as a public figure, influencer, blogger or brand.

The CharbelMedia team of professional graphic designers and social media specialists will take care of all your digital and media needs with a holistic view of your business, allowing them to harness the potential of real comments, real likes and real followers through SEO. , to guarantee organic, natural growth and the authenticity of your brand. Having handled clients from diverse and diverse industries, such as wedding designers, floral artists, fashion and jewelry designers, and even models, this talented young company surely holds great promise for future times as a future come onto the marketing scene, and will no doubt remain a name to watch.

Media Contact
Contact person: Jinan Fahes
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 0097470715766
Country: United States
Website: www.kosawadapanel.com


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