Why press releases are important for businesses


When I was called for a job interview in a company, I wanted to find out beforehand. Apart from browsing its website, I also did a news search on Google.

There was not much news about the organization. Despite being one of the most renowned companies, the communications people, I thought, weren’t handing out as much media material as they should.

In fact, in my opinion, the visibility of the company in the news media was not at all satisfactory. It got me thinking, and I thought that if they hired me, I would make a significant change in their communication strategies – both digital and print.

Yes, press releases are an effective way to reach a wider audience online. They help your business gain an extensive presence on major social media sites. Imagine how many millions of people around the world access the Internet every day, and they could search for your business in their search engines.

Hundreds of thousands of customers want to know more about the company. If the press releases are not found on the Internet and in the best results, you risk losing many potential customers.

Press releases are also beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO), especially if they are well written. Press releases are just as important in print media. Creating a press release portfolio page is also a great way to increase your SEO. This way, curious customers and journalists can view your previous press releases and choose which ones they want to read more.

Press releases help build trust with the media. It also increases your sympathy. Press releases help your business gain prominence both in the media and in the society in which you do business. Getting published by top publications can boost your credibility.

Writing a press release is an exciting art. You need to keep your customers in mind when writing the release. You can’t send out everything that happens in the company in the form of press releases. When writing a good press release, you should always think about what your readers would be interested in reading about your company.

Consider whether it is relevant for a general audience or only for journalists who cover business news. At the same time, you need to think about why your topic would be newsworthy to your target audience.

Why would newspapers consider your releases newsworthy? This aspect is vital. You all know that media are hungry for good content that can benefit their audience. Therefore, your releases should benefit both the media and their audience, which may already be your customer or potential customer.

With wide media coverage, you can refine your message and explore an easier route to persuading customers.

In addition to increasing online traffic, press releases also boost your brand awareness. By establishing a reliable reputation, your business can gain more customers and market share.

By distributing published press releases online, you can increase your visibility and become a thought leader in your industry. Press releases can also help us build your brand across multiple channels, including social media and blog posts.

You can be seen as an expert in your industry when you use quotes in your press releases. An industry needs thought leaders, and when you become that leader through your press releases, your customers will trust you more. Quotes work like miracles when it comes to a company’s leadership ability.

In addition to generating publicity for your business, press releases can also offer valuable contact information. Releases are archived in search engines and serve as useful tools for online visibility. The more inbound contacts your business has with potential customers, the more likely you are to be contacted and to excel in business.

So think about the version you need, write it carefully, and deliver the information you want.

Ekram Kabir. Illustration: TBS


Ekram Kabir. Illustration: TBS

Ekram Kabir is a storyteller, yogi and communicator. He is just one email away: [email protected]

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